Circle CVI & Medneo are Providing Greater Access to Cardiac MR for Patients and Physicians, Globally

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Global Partnership

CMR is the gold standard for cardiac imaging and with advances in scanning and analysis time, scanner availability and capacity to meet clinical needs remain the global barriers to access and adoption.

Circle CVI and medneo have partnered to address access through the creation of new imaging centres, and an optimized cardiac imaging service, focused on delivering the highest level of service, quality and experience for physicians and their patients.

Whilst Circle Cardiovascular Imaging develops world-class, advanced reading and reporting solutions for cardiac imaging, medneo is an innovative diagnostic imaging company that specializes in offering advanced MRI imaging services and MRI solutions.

Together, this collaboration aims to provide expanded patient access to state-of-the-art CMR whilst providing new opportunities for physicians, researchers and hospitals.

Expanding network of diagnostic imaging centres

Today, patients are actively being scanned in over 30 static and mobile imaging centres throughout Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Look for us in your region, as global expansion is underway.

With the latest technology, scanners, leading AI-enabled reporting tools, and highly trained non-medical staff, Circle CVI and medneo provide a flexible offering from a complete managed service to a simple “image on demand” provision for physicians and healthcare organisations.

A dynamic solution based on clinical need

Supporting Patients

Ease of access locations

Low density experience focused on scheduling and efficiency

Flexible appointment times

Supporting Healthcare

Flexible combination of services

Quality service at reduced cost

Secure integration to hospital IT systems

Supporting Cardiology

Latest MRI scanner technology

AI-powered reading & reporting

Improved process by highly trained teams

Access to newest techniques and analysis

Joint solution delivers:


(Remote) Scanning

Patient Management

Referring Physician Support

Training and Education Support

AI-Enabled Processing Solutions

Customised Reporting

Reading Services on Request
Main entrance
Entrance for patients in beds
Front desk
Waiting room
Physician’s room
Patient preparation
High-End MRI
Image acquisition
Technology room
Recreation room

Supporting global needs with mobile units

The growing fleet of mobile Cardio MR systems offers communities in existing and additional geographies greater access to MR through a short notice and flexible hours service focused on optimal patient experience, image acquisition excellence and reporting quality.

This adaptable, dynamic solution can meet different customer requirements regardless of profile and region, resulting in an efficient solution, ready where the clinical need exists.

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Automated with AI for an Integrated, Best-in-Class Solution