Absolute myocardial blood flow

Multi-vendor support

Multi-sequence support

Dual Bolus and Dual Sequence support

Analysis of multi-slice, SAX Perfusion images

Motion correction allowing free breathing acquisition (cvi42 MoCo)

The capability of cvi42|Quantitative Perfusion fundamentally changes our practice two-fold:
First, it introduces absolute quantification of blood flow and replaces PET for that indication and second, it allows for an automated perfusion analysis. This is huge, as it does not only save time but also improves accuracy.
A milestone for CMR...

Matthias G. Friedrich, MD, FESC, FACC
Professor, Department of Medicine
Faculty of Medicine, McGill University


High diagnostic accuracy

Outperforms qualitative & semi-quantitative techniques

Fast and automatic analysis

Cost effective, higher spatial resolution, and non-ionizing compared to other myocardial perfusion imaging modalities

Fully automatic quantification

No manual segmentation required

Artifact correction