4D Viewer

This module is designed to view and analyze 3D and 4D data such as MR and CT angiography.



Feature Overview:

  • MIP, Surface, and DVR rendering
  • Automatic Segmentation of the heart, ventricle, atria and various vessels (CT only)
  • Manual segmentation via clipping, cropping and threshold segmentation
  • Interior view of heart chambers and vessels
  • Several color schemes and advanced transfer functions
  • Movie export in multiple formats (AVI, Quicktime)
  • Secondary DICOM capture saving options include rotation
    images and cines
  • Pick and choose one or more frames for reporting
  • Angiography rendering mode optimized for MRAs and CTA


  • Getting a quick and accurate 3 dimensional anatomical view of the heart is key for understanding various heart diseases and planning of interventions.
  • Many heart problems are related to motion, therefore 4D viewing adds tremendously to the diagnostic potential.