Aortic Valve Module



Feature Overview

  • MPR viewers allow the definition of 3 aortic cusps.
  • Centerline option for assisted aortic annulus plane location.
  • Measurements can be made directly on the annulus view.
  • Annulus specific measurement tools calculate perimeter, area, and minimum and maximum diameters.
  • Cylindrical clipping based on the annulus plane is available for the fluoroscopic image. Assisted height measurement of the coronary ostia perpendicular to the annulus plane.
  • Display of a circular device simulation with adjustable diameter and height values.
  • Optimal viewing curve provides different viewing angles in the synchronized 4D and MPR views. Preset and customizable angles can be included in the report.
  • Optional planning of transapical access route.
  • Flexible reporting options allow for customized selection of images and measurements.


  • Aortic Valve module offers a structured workflow for pre-procedural planning.
  • During assessment of multiphase CT it is possible to easily switch between phases.
FDA pre-market clearance of advanced valvular analysis is pending. Not for clinical use.