Multiplanar Reformation

Reconstruct a slice in any position or orientation through the 3D volume. Reconstruct axial images into coronal, sagittal, and oblique anatomical planes.



Feature Overview

  • 3D data resampling in any oblique plane
  • Thick and thin slab rendering
  • Synchronization options for zoom, windowing and slab thickness
  • Multiple preset views designed for cardiac and vascular imaging
  • Volume navigation and/or vessel segmentation can be done directly on the 4D reference image
  • Auto re–slicing of CT volume into short and long axis images for LV function analysis
  • A unique free form rotation option allows to navigate through the volume freely in all directions
  • Create standard value lists and save them to your workflow protocol (comes with predefined lists for z-scores and TAVI planning)
  • Easy saving and review of measurements and related images
  • Generate secondary DICOM captures as cine or stack of any view
  • Pick and choose one or more frames for reporting


  • An intuitive module that provides all tools needed for fast and efficient reconstruction, measuring and reporting of MR or CT data sets