Visualize the inflow of contrast-media enhanced blood into the myocardium with the Perfusion module.



Feature Overview

  • Qualitative and semi–quantitative analysis
  • Side by side view of rest, stress, function, and LGE
  • Contour forwarding and registration for breathing motion
  • Contour syncing between baseline and intervention images
  • Three options for baseline correction
  • Automatic contour registration and forwarding
  • Several options for displaying segmental results, including AHA
  • Graphic display of signal intensities over time
  • Four custom ROIs for SI over time analysis
  • Calculation of myocardial perfusion reserve index (normalized to the LV blood pool) with enhanced accuracy using a separate blood pool contour
  • Comparative display of cine loops of baseline and intervention/stress, with LV function and late Gd enhancement
  • Polar map display of results


  • A negative perfusion test has a high predictive value, therefore extensive viewing capabilities that allow direct verification of findings with other sequences and/or orientations are imperative
The Perfusion module is only available for research purposes in the USA since the use of contrast agents for Cardiac MR procedures is not FDA–approved, and should not be used clinically.