report42 — CT

Designed to facilitate documentation and automated reporting of cardiac CT image evaluation.



Feature: Automation

Feature Overview
  • Automated data transfer from cvi42®
  • Automatic accentuation and classification of out of range values
  • Report contents and protocols are driven by indications
  • Results are automatically translated into a defined narrated findings summary
  • Automatic calculation of indices

Feature: Quality Assurance

Feature Overview
  • Corrections in cvi42® only overwrite the changed data in report42
  • Adherence with SCMR & SCCT reporting standards
  • No data loss or transcription errors
  • Labeling of out-of-range values
  • Audit trail of changes

Feature: Networking

Feature Overview
  • Integrates seamlessly into cvi42®
  • Easy-to-use zero client configuration
  • Works with common web browsers
  • Accessible 24/7 from any computer connected to the same local network or VPN
  • Optional integration into existing RIS
  • Optional integration into existing PACS

Feature: Data Flow

Feature Overview
  • Data are automatically imported from cvi42®
  • Data will be automatically inserted into predefined findings text blocks (or predefined findings and summary text will be automatically populated with respective data)
  • Interactive graphics generate findings text and reduce amount of typing required
  • Graphic presentation of results for myocardial tissue characterization and Angiography
  • Fast report delivery at no extra cost
  • Searchable database

Feature: Dictation & Transcription

Feature Overview
  • Increased accuracy (transcriptions have been found to have an accuracy rate of < 60%)
  • No time delay due to immediate reporting
  • No transcription fees
  • No dictation issues such as speech recognition difficulties or noise disturbance
  • Final reports provide a quick overview due to a clearly structured, attractive, graphical layout

Feature: Customization

Feature Overview
  • Change, add, or remove protocol name for each study
  • Can be used with any scanner/software combination (vendor independent)
  • Customizable report layout
  • Customizable normal values
  • User access can be predefined to allow creating, modifying, and finalizing reports
  • Export evaluation results and report as PDF, open text, HTML, DICOM Encapsulated PDF, or DICOM Secondary Capture Image Series (one image per report page)