Tissue Characterization

Use the Tissue Characterization module to assess the extent and regional distribution of injury (scar, edema, inflammation) to the heart.

The Tissue Characterization Module is only available for research purposes in the USA since the use of contrast agents for Cardiac MR procedures is not FDA–approved, and should not be used clinically.


Feature Overview

    Late Enhancement and T2 weighted imaging
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of scar and edema
  • Infarct core and "grey zone" quantification
  • MVO assessment
  • Calculation of myocardial salvage
  • Existing contours can be derived from other sequences
  • Various threshold settings, including an auto-threshold mode (Otsu) and Full-Width-Half-Max
  • Polar maps of enhanced area and transmurality
  • Color–coded 4D mesh model display of tissue characteristics
    Early Gadolinium Enhancement
  • Assessment of inflammation properties and/or MVO
  • Contours are automatically forwarded to the corresponding baseline/post–contrast image
  • Calculation and auto–display of myocardial early enhancement and T2 signal intensity ratio (quantitative Lake Louise Criteria for myocarditis)
  • Color map of T2 signal intensity ratio


  • Detailed CMR tissue characterization strongly impacts patient management and has proven to be the most important diagnostic tool for risk stratification
  • cvi42® and cmr42 provide the most complete toolset for a timely, comprehensive, and accurate analysis
  • The percentage of enhanced volume will be reported for both the mass calculated in the short 3D module, and the mass calculated in the TC module.
  • The slice location for each slice will be reported in the scientific report.
  • The Transmurality (Endo) has been taken out of the default menu for the display of Transmurality polar map. They will only be displayed if Enable Extended Options are checked