View, create, and edit vessel segmentations and labels. Analyze windows for lumen measurements and coronary artery or valve stenosis assessment.




Feature Overview

  • Automatic vessel segmentation and vessel labeling for CT images
  • Manual vessel segmentation and/or extension of automatic detected vessels via seed points or threshold growing
  • Vessel displays include projected, stretched, and straightened CPR views as well as multiple cross–sectional views
  • Fusion of disconnected vessel segments
  • Option to generate multiple centerlines in multi-phase datasets
  • Volume navigation and/or vessel segmentation can be done directly on the 4D reference image
  • Artifact–free viewing option
  • Easy centerline correction
  • Centerline graph with display of min./max./average lumen as well as vessel tortuosity
  • Cut-off tool for catheter selection
  • Automated lumen measurement, stenosis calculation and reporting
  • Immersive view option and animated centerline fly–through
  • Pick and choose one or more frames for reporting
  • Improvement to the existing growing tool for MRA segmentation and a separate MRA vessel windowing option.


  • Get an accurate view of a vessel or vessel tree on the first try.
  • Accurate 3D models allow the interventionists to work more efficiently, use less contrast and radiation and have greater confidence.