Viewer & Series Composer

Customize how you see studies with the Viewer, compare two different studies at once, and manually generate a new series via drag and drop with the Series Composer.



Feature Overview

  • Use a dual monitor setup for comparative viewing (recommended)
  • View images and respective sequence information even before loading
  • Customize the appearance of the interface in terms of window options, size and layout
  • Apply panning, windowing, zooming, and slice navigation within the image frame
  • View color-coded mesh models
  • Display color overlays of parametric evaluations
  • Add a floating viewer frame for additional viewing
  • Copy or export image captures as JPEG, H.264 (high compression), TIFF, BMP, PNG or other formats
  • Export movies in avi, compressed avi, MS video1 or Quicktime
  • Open a series in a tile view with a single click in any module
  • Generate screenshots in DICOM format for future reference with a simple drag and drop to the thumbnail panel

Benefits (module specific )

Series Overview and Series Composer
  • Get a quick overview of existing series
  • Filter for images with contours or specific orientations
  • Combine series
  • Re-arrange series: delete phases, cut out slices, sort by time or slice location and more
Viewer Module
  • Choose between 1 to 12 viewer frames
  • Display cross-reference position lines
  • Compare baseline and follow up scans