What's New

Team Circle is excited to announce the newest release of cvi42® — version 5.6 is now available for download!

Read or watch below for more information on the new features. Need help upgrading to the latest version? Email support@circlecvi.com



New Features & Benefits Overview

4D Flow

4D Flow — Plugin or Stand-Alone
  • Visualize complex blood flow patterns
  • Fast full volume preprocessing algorithms including phase offset correction and phase unwrapping
  • Automated PC-MRA Segmentation
  • Segmentation and automatic centerline extraction for multiple vascular structures
  • Centerline based plane navigation and free-plane navigation
  • Easy integration into cvi42®
Workflow Improvements

Workflow Improvements
  • Indication driven workflow simplifies and standardizes analysis
  • Smart series handling sorts data by relevance
  • Indications and protocols are fully-customizable by the administrator
Improved T1 Mapping

Improved T1 Mapping
  • Fully redesigned module
  • Assessment of global and regional T1 times (native and post contrast sequences)
  • ECV and lambda quantification
  • Polar maps with customizable segmentation
  • Motion correction
  • Various fitting options for T1 map generation
  • Display of the fitted recovery curve
  • Analysis of inline or cmr42®-generated maps
  • Customizable color look-up table