Automated with AI for an integrated, best-in-class solution

Enhanced professional clinical report

Client Server ADAS 3D integration

Faster 4D flow analysis and visualization, including ventricular flow

Improved and streamlined clinical workflow with default protocols and global tools

Performance Faster than Ever

AI assistance

Image classification to improve contour detection

Faster reporting speeds

Improved 4D Flow

Dynamic measurement planes

Automatic valve tracking

Ventricular flow analysis

AI for Function

Short Axis

  • LV endocardium and epicardium
  • RV endocardium
  • RV insertion points

Long Axis

  • LV endocardium and epicardium
  • Left and right atria

Polar Maps

  • LV Wall Thickening (%)
  • Wall Motion (mm)

AI for Myocardial Strain

LV (all contours)

RV (endocardium, LAX)

Circumferential, longitudinal and radial strain analysis with 2 clicks

AI for Tissue Characterization

LV (endocardium and epicardium), RV insertion points & LAX extent

Remote and enhanced myocardium references

AI-driven LGE quantification and polarmap visualization


ADAS 3D images can help with the differential diagnosis and pre-treatment planning by incorporating non-invasive MR/CT imaging

Translates LGE MR into 3D visualisations to quantify and understand fibrosis

Converts CTA images into 3D LV wall thickness images and displays LV/LA adjacent anatomy

Quantitative Perfusion


Absolute myocardial blood flow

Multi-vendor support

Multi-sequence support

Dual Bolus and Dual Sequence support

Analysis of multi-slice, SAX Perfusion images

Motion correction allowing free breathing acquisition (cvi42MoCo)