Our Workflow Philosophy

Institutions around the world all operate differently and there are many ways to achieve the same result. Circle has worked with top institutions to help create a dynamic workflow that does what is expected while giving the flexibility to be customizable for individuals and teams.

Indication Driven Workflow for CMR

Select your indication and your workflow will be set for you. As simple as that. The default workflows are based off of SCMR guidelines.

Linear Workflow for Interventional Planning

Why complicate your ability to plan. You follow your protocol step by step why shouldn’t your software act the same? cvi42 takes a linear approach to planning. Following a step by step procedure.

Create Your Own

With our global experience not one workflow fits all. So our users have the ability to create their own.

Customize more than your workflow

cvi42 allows you to customize more than just your workflow. You can customize the location of tools to reduce mouse travel.

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